Sunday, June 28, 2015

Top Ten things to make your room look amazing

Now, I have just moved into new house and I am dying to change my boring, dull room into a fresh new look. I looked all over and finally made my top ten list. Read below.

1. Wall of Memories: Hang up all of your memories in an artistic way. Every time you look at your walls, you will feel inspired.

2.  Light Jar: Light up your room with these bright ideas. 

3. Wall Quotes: Every quote means something different to different people. I like how individualistic these are.

4. Stringed Lights: Instead of turning on your light switch, turn on your this hip new light. 

5. Mosaic Tiles: How much fun would it be to make a design from mosaic tiles? I think that it would take a LOT of time, but it looks worth it.

6. Hanging Chair: I absolutely LOVE this idea, but my parents won't let me....:(

7. Wall Canvas: If you have white walls, you should paint them any way you want. 

8. Wall Clock: Pick twelve different signs and put them up in a circle and you get a decoration that is also useful.

9. Bathroom Organizer: This is a new way to organize your bathroom or desk materials.

10. Decorative Pillows: These are literally the coolest pillows I have ever seen.

DIY T-Shirt Ideas

Do you have a closet full of clothes that you think are too bland and boring? Well, here are some ideas that can change your unwanted old clothes into amazing new styles.

1. This cool shirts idea will work for any shirt.

2. Check out this tutorial on how to cut shirts and still make them look great. 


3. This shirt idea blew my mind. You just pick some colors that go together, cut some designs and wear the shirts layered. 

4. Just take a paintbrush and splatter it all over your white, boring shirt and turn it into a unique masterpiece.  

5. Who knew that you could make a beautiful headband with a t-shirt? I definitely didn't but would definitely like to try it out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cool Summer Accessories

Here are some of the coolest summer accessories to spice up your outfit this summer! 
  • Sunglasses: Whats really in right now are the aviators, or the rounded glasses. These glasses go with anything, protect you from the hot sun, and give your outfit the perfect boost. 

  • A hat or a beanie: A fedora, or a beanie really pulls the whole outfit together, these hats make you look stylish, and give your outfit a hip look. 

  • A necklace: To pull your whole outfit together, add a necklace. Something simple, or a statement necklace that says something about YOU. Necklaces are a great way to express yourself and a great, easy way to look stylish. 

  • Earrings to match: We just said a necklace would look great, but earrings to match the necklace would look even better! Just make sure that the earrings are not too much. We don't want to over do the look.

  • Bracelets: Bracelets are always a good addition to an outfit. Bracelets can make statements too, or bracelets can be really simple but still look amazing and stand out.

We hope this helped you, and we know that you will look great this summer!

Top 25 Summer Songs

The music industry creates amazing songs for us to jam out to constantly! Some make us remember old memories, and some help us create new ones. Here are the top 25 summer songs to add to your playlist!

25. This Summer's Gonna Hurt: By: Maroon 5

24. Can't Feel My Face: By: The Weekend

23.The Hills: By: The Weekend

22. Love Me Like You Do: By: Ellie Goulding

21.Thinking Out Loud: By: Ed Sheeran

20. Lean On: By: DJ Snake and Major Lazer ft. M0

19. Fight Song: By: Rachel Platten

18. Nasty Freestyle: By: T-Wayne

17. Post to Be: By: Omarion ft. Chris Brown

16. Where Are U Now: By: Skrillex and Diplo ft. Justin Bieber

15. Worth It: By: Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink

14. Talking Body: By: Tove Lo

13. You Know You Like It: By: DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge

12. Sugar: By: Maroon 5

11. Watch Me: By: Silento

10. Honey I'm Good: By: Andy Grammer

9. Hey Mama: By: David Guetta ft. Nicki Manaj, Afrojack, and Bebe Rexha

8.  Earned It: By: The Weekend

7. Cheerleader: By: OMI

6. Uptown Funk: By: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

5. Want to Want Me: By: Jason DeRulo

4. Shut Up and Dance: By: Walk the Moon

3. Trap Queen: By: Fetty Wap

2. Bad Blood: By: Taylor Swift

1. See you Again: By: Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Top Ten Pictures to post on Instgram

So, these days, everyone has an Instagram and a Snapchat. Wondering what everyone is posting? Read below to find out.

1. Shoe Pictures. I always take shoe pictures with my BFF's. They are always my go-to picture to post.

2.  Artsy Pictures with Friends. Some of these pictures are hard to do, but they look amazing and are great to show off to other people.

3. Starbucks Drink Pictures: People always take pictures of their favorite Starbuck drink. My favorite drink is the Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino.

4. Inspirational Quotes: I don't know about you, but I am always posting these quotes on Instagram. I love them so much. They make me feel good and happy.

5. Holiday Posts: Everyone posts pics of a Christmas tree on Christmas, or a picture of their dad on Fathers Day. I also post to remember special and important things that happened.

6. MCM (Man Crush Monday) and WCW (Women Crush Wednesday). Some people post pictures of their crushes.

7. Concert pictures. I am a huge fan of Fifth Harmony, and when I went to their concert I posted a LOT of pictures.

8. Food Pictures. A lot of people post pics of their food. Honestly, I never post food picture, but I have to admit they look delicious.

9. Selfie With Your Pet. I personally do not have a pet, but I like pictures with pets.

10. Sport pictures. Sometimes, the pictures from football or basketball games are really interesting.