Sunday, June 28, 2015

Top Ten things to make your room look amazing

Now, I have just moved into new house and I am dying to change my boring, dull room into a fresh new look. I looked all over and finally made my top ten list. Read below.

1. Wall of Memories: Hang up all of your memories in an artistic way. Every time you look at your walls, you will feel inspired.

2.  Light Jar: Light up your room with these bright ideas. 

3. Wall Quotes: Every quote means something different to different people. I like how individualistic these are.

4. Stringed Lights: Instead of turning on your light switch, turn on your this hip new light. 

5. Mosaic Tiles: How much fun would it be to make a design from mosaic tiles? I think that it would take a LOT of time, but it looks worth it.

6. Hanging Chair: I absolutely LOVE this idea, but my parents won't let me....:(

7. Wall Canvas: If you have white walls, you should paint them any way you want. 

8. Wall Clock: Pick twelve different signs and put them up in a circle and you get a decoration that is also useful.

9. Bathroom Organizer: This is a new way to organize your bathroom or desk materials.

10. Decorative Pillows: These are literally the coolest pillows I have ever seen.

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