Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Top Ten Summer Movies

Summer is here, and so are the brilliant summer movies! Here are the Top Ten summer movies to watch with your BFFs!

10.   Insidious: Chapter Three: The third, and final chapter of this popular horror franchise, with a story set before the Lambert Family haunting.  

           9. Poltergeist: A remake of the original movie, this movie also targets the suburban family tortured              by vengeful sprits and a very creepy clown.        

          8. Inside Out: Ever wonder what is going on inside your head? Well, now you can find out,               with the  new Pixar movie Inside Out, starring Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness.

          7. Pixels: Coming to theaters soon, this movie is about video game characters that come to               life,  and travel to Earth to destroy the human race.

          6. Terminator: Genisys: A sequel to all the other Terminator Movies, many people   say  this  movie  could either make or break the franchise. You could say they took risks with this movie.

          5. Pitch Perfect 2: The Bellas return in Pitch Perfect 2. This movies combines the perfect  balance of  music and humor to create an unforgettable blockbuster. Perfect to watch with your BFF!

                4. Minions: After two successful Despicable Me movies, the minions are back, and starring in their own movie. All age groups are excited to see this comedy, coming to theaters on July 10th.

  3. Furious 7: Owen's older brother, is thirsty for revenge. What's going to happen next?

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron: Our favorite group of superheroes are back to save the world again from, the invincible Ultron.

1. Jurassic World: Apparently, they did not learn enough from the first three times Jurassic Park went wrong, so they created Jurassic World, an Island with dinosaur rides and attractions, complete with a brand new species of dinosaurs. This summer thriller has got everyone talking!


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