Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Top Ten Old Trends

"I don't follow trends. I'm just not into what everyone else is wearing. I have my own look," says Katy Perry. 

These trends used to be so cool, but now, you would have a hard time finding anyone who would admit to still enjoying them. 

1.   Rainbow Loom. This rubber band phase was so popular. People made some really unique creations. Check out the picture of the dress made of rainbow loom bands.

S    2. Silly Banz. For awhile, everyone's wrists were covered with these colorful bands. When you laid them flat, they would bounce back into a shape. Kids traded them with each other. Many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, even wore them.

       3.  Orbeez. These gel-like balls are so much fun to play with. After they grow in water, you squish and squash them all into the night! 
        4.Friendship Bracelets. When friends get together, it is fun to create these wearable bracelets. 


       5. Tie Dye. It is always fun to mix colors around and come up with a new design.


   6. Duct Tape. This common household item quickly transformed into a fun, colorful, new concept. People started to cover their notebooks and some even made wallets 

7.   Suspenders. This forgotten style recently came back. Men and women are showing off the old new look.

  8.   Cartilage Piercing. This unique piercing is one that everyone loves.

9.  Combat Boots used to be the new style. They used to represent strength and used to be really stylish. 

10. Remember when everyone used to wear Uggs? Uggs used to be the expensive new look for people. Now, no one wears them any more.

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