About Simran!

Hi Everyone! My name is Simran, and I am one of the two people who have started this blog. Here are 15 facts about me!

  • I love music!
  • I play electric guitar and flute.
  • That is my guitar ^
  • I am a HUGE football fan, and I absolutely love the Panthers!

  • I love Marvel, and my favorite superhero is Ironman.

  • I am obsessed with a bunch of different bands, but my favorite has to be Fall Out Boy

  • I am a trained dancer. 
  • I have a pet fish named Tony Shark (pun intended)
  • I love to read, and my favorite author is Sarah Dessen,


  • I watch Full House, and I am super excited for the Full House revival coming out later.

  • I also still watch Cartoon Network and Spongebob.

  • I'm a Capricorn, which is the best Zodiac sign! 

  • I am terrified of clowns....
  • ^Thats why I'm not gonna put a picture of that one

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